I have a natural, fun approach to Branding Sessions. To celebrate what makes you and your brand unique and ultimately provide the exact imagery you need to grow your business.  

Whether you need lifestyle shots of you in your place of business, process shots, behind the scenes, product photography, or other imagery, we'll make a plan to accomplish what you need.

your brand photographer.

Hello! I'm Jenna,

What You Can Expect


Let's get a date on the calendar! You'll need to sign a contract and pay a $400 session fee to hold the date.

Book Your Session

Then we'll chat about location, shot list, what you're trying to convey about your brand, and the overall vibe of the session. I'll give you tips on how to prepare and help set you up for an amazing session.

Make a plan

Your branding session will be fun and productive! We’ll put our plan into action and get all the shots you need for your business.

Day of

A few weeks later, I'll send you a gallery to view. You can choose which images you would like to purchase! 

After your session

reserve your session

10 hand-edited digital files

  • A two-hour photoshoot. Each additional hour is $200/hour. 
  • Personal online gallery of images for viewing purposes.
  • Travel to and from location (20-mile radius from Winchester).
  • One Planning & Strategy consulting session over the phone.
  • After viewing your gallery, you will choose your collection.

My pricing structure starts with a $400 session fee which includes:

Personal Brand Sessions


Collection A


25 hand-edited digital files

Collection B


50 hand-edited digital files.

Collection C


100 hand-edited digital files

Collection D



"I had the very best experience with Jenna! Her calm and sweet demeanor made me feel SO comfortable in front of the camera, and I was nervous as I hadn’t done a photoshoot before.
The final pictures exceeded my expectations; her editing was meticulous and the lighting was phenomenal."

- Kate

"Jenna captured some of the most meaningful, beautiful moments of my family - I cried tears of joy when I saw my gallery. She's our go-to photographer for life."

- Kate

"Jenna captured some of the most meaningful, beautiful moments of my family - I cried tears of joy when I saw my gallery. She's our go-to photographer for life."

Inquire for pricing

  • number of staff
  • number of images or poses per person
  • background and lighting scenarios
  • group shots
  • locations and travel

Customized packages take into account:

Headshot Sessions



There you'll find high-quality, heirloom pieces - prints, framed prints, and albums.  Using a professional printer is essential for correct color and quality.  Drugstore printers don't even come close.  You need gorgeous prints, and you need them framed - ready to hang on your wall.  I've got you covered...

Each collection I offer, comes with a print credit to my store.

Let's get them off the computer, and onto your walls. Professional photos are an investment - they should be showcased in your home for your family to see every day...your children will look at them and smile - they'll feel important and loved.

It's so important to print your digital files!

Getting YOur Photos On The Wall

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do any extensive photoshop edits?

I will edit your photos for color and style as I see fit. I will remove temporary blemishes and smooth skin and whiten teeth if necessary. I will also remove people or distractions from the background if that is needed. I will do one free head-swap per session. I will not alter anyone's body drastically, or remove birthmarks/permanent features on people's bodies/faces. Extensive editing requests need to be made specifically, and if they're possible, an additional editing fee will be charged. If you know of a specific edit you'll need done, please let me know before I start the editing process.

Should I get my makeup and hair done for the session?

That's totally up to you. If you know you'll feel more confident and happier...go for it! I will suggest, if you normally color your hair, and you know having "roots" in your photos will bother you...schedule an appointment to get your hair colored a week or two before your photo session. Same with nails, eye brows, etc. Don't forget about haircuts for family members too! Better to have no regrets.

Can you recreate a photo I found on Pinterest?

I can try if it makes sense for the scenario we're in. If you have any requests or criteria, please chat with me about them or write them in the client survey.

What happens if it rains, or if someone is sick?

We will reschedule. I outline this in more details in the contract.

When will we receive our images?

Within three weeks of your session. If you need images back sooner, you can pay to expedite them - just please let me know before the session.

Can I have the unedited (Raw) Files?

No, I don't release any files until they are edited to my brand standard.

Can't I just print my files at CVS for pennies?

You're welcome to print your files wherever you would like, but I can only guarantee the prints ordered through my online store using my professional print lab. The printers at CVS are terrible - colors are incorrect and muddy, quality is very poor. I can't stand behind any photos printed at a drugstore or even Shutterfly. When you invest in professional photography, I recommend completing the process and printing files at a professional print lab - colors will be correct, the paper will be high quality, and the images will look as they're intended to look.

If I don't want my print credit, can you apply that to my total?

No, the print credit is an add-on so that you will have printed photographs from your session. It is non-transferable.

I appreciate your time, and would be honored to capture the natural, unforgettable moments of your family. The next step would be to reach out to me and we can talk more about booking your session!

thank you