Tips on what to wear to a family photo session

Family Photo Session

Dress for comfort.
During the lifestyle photoshoot there will be lots of movement and playful behavior. Pick clothes that are comfortable for you and your family, so the focus will be on your connection with each other.  Clothes that will let you move freely are best – no restrictive or confining pieces. Flowy dresses or long skirts always look beautiful on mom, and work well in photoshoots.

About Patterns.
While some people stick to solid colors, others like to incorporate a pattern.  I love the visual interest of adding a pattern, like a floral dress. I would try to stick to just one or two patterns though, not more. It’s best to stay away from tiny checked patterns or tiny striped patterns – those can sometimes cause issues (like a weird digital swirl effect). 

Pick a statement/favorite piece first.
If there’s an outfit you’ve already decided on – maybe it’s mom’s dress, or baby’s new sweater – use that as your starting point, and build everyone else’s outfit around that. 

Matchy-Matchy vs Coordinated.
Having everyone wear the exact same outfit can potentially make your photos look outdated (I’m thinking about the once-popular look of everyone in Khakis and white t-shirts).  Matchy-Matchy isn’t my first choice, BUT if having your kids wear matching outfits brings you joy – go for it!  As an alternative, I would suggest choosing 3-4 colors from the same color palette so the outfits coordinate.  Think in terms of tones: earth tones (olive, rust, mustard), or neutrals (cream, blush, gray, tan). Everyone in the family can express their own sense of style within the chosen color palette.  A pop of color is fine if you want, and of course, so is a pattern.

Use your go-to outfit.
Don’t feel like you have to go out and purchase all new outfits. Sometimes it’s best to wear your favorite outfit from your closet – you already know it fits and makes you feel good!

Babies should wear an outfit that covers their tummy.  Or they should wear a onsie under their pants – otherwise their tummy shows when they get picked up (it’s cute! but it doesn’t look like it’s on purpose).  Please make sure tiny babies aren’t wearing collar shirts because the fabric rides up around their mouth and hides their face in the photos. And baby girls should wear bloomers over diapers, under dresses.

I always recommend beautiful, long, flowy dresses or skirts – these add movement and texture. But it’s up to you as to what you feel most comfortable in.

I prefer casual clothes on dads instead of formal business wear – they look more comfortable, less stiff.  Henley shirts, quarter zip sweaters, or casual collar shirts usually work. Long sleeve T-shirts are fine too…just no writing on them please 🙂

I’m a huge fan of linen overalls on little boys – it’s just the cutest look. I always find these on (although the overalls pictured here are from For older boys I would suggest pants (maybe olive, rust, or mustard) with a long sleeve shirt.

There are so many cute clothing options for girls! Dresses, skirts, rompers, pants…I love them all.

When in Doubt, choose neutral clothing.
You can’t go wrong with wearing any combination of cream, gray, and tan. It’s timeless and it allows for the focus be on your family and your connection.

What doesn’t work.
Large logos, shirts with writing on them, light-up sneakers, old running shoes, florescent colors, high heels, short skirts, neckties, tank tops on dad or boys. (The photo above is an example of an adorable outfit combo).