Location ideas for full hour photo sessions

Family Photo Session

Maybe you know exactly where you want to have your session, or maybe you’re still deciding. Think about what fits best with your family, what is meaningful for you, and also the vibe you want for your final photos…what scene do you want to see hanging on your wall? Beach, field, cityscape, park, your home…? There are so many options! Let me know the vibe you’re going for and I will advise on specific locations.



Beaches are great at sunset. I have a list of beautiful beaches I love on both the North Shore and South Shore. But if you have a beach that’s special to your family – let me know, let’s go there!



The river I go to is calm and beautiful…it’s a 5 minute walk in the woods and then opens up to a gorgeous view.



My favorite meadow really “glows” at sunset…there are beautiful tall grasses, and quaint walking paths…it’s nature at its best.



Seaports, harbors, docks and other nautical features are always lovely, especially at sunset.



This seems simple, but if there’s a park that’s special to your family, it can be a great spot to take photos. My favorite time to photograph in parks is Spring, when the blossoms are putting on a show.


City Scape

The city can be such a fun, different backdrop. If there’s a part of the city that has meaning to your family, getting photographs taken there is such a great way to memorialize that time in your life. I love photographing in Charlestown, The Seaport District, Boston Esplanade, and Boston Public Gardens, to name a few.


Your own backyard

It’s convenient for you! And it helps if you have a view of the sunset, or lots of shade.


Inside your home

This is great for colder weather, new babies, or families who want to document life inside their home. And your home doesn’t have to be perfect – we just need a room or two with good light.

Whatever your location preference, what’s most important is the people and connection. But having a beautiful or meaningful backdrop really sets the scene. Let me know your thoughts, and I’m happy to help you choose the right location for you and your family.