Full session vs. mini-session: What’s the difference?

If you’re trying to decide between booking a full hour session or a 15-minute mini-session for your family photos, I want to help you understand the benefits of each, so you can end up with the images you want. First let’s dive into the benefits of a full hour family session. Full Session: Kids have […]

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Location ideas for full hour photo sessions

Maybe you know exactly where you want to have your session, or maybe you’re still deciding. Think about what fits best with your family, what is meaningful for you, and also the vibe you want for your final photos…what scene do you want to see hanging on your wall? Beach, field, cityscape, park, your home…? […]

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Tips on what to wear to a family photo session

Dress for comfort. During the lifestyle photoshoot there will be lots of movement and playful behavior. Pick clothes that are comfortable for you and your family, so the focus will be on your connection with each other.  Clothes that will let you move freely are best – no restrictive or confining pieces. Flowy dresses or long […]

family sitting on grass with dog
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